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  • Multi-part e-Course blows the lid off White-Hot Investing Strategies and reveals where you can become an expert on them!
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Meet Your Host, Veteran Real Estate Investor John Wilson

John Wilson, Real Estate Investor

"Real Estate investing was what gave me my financial freedom nearly 10 years ago and I love it so much, I want it for you too!"

Since going full-time in real estate in 2003, John has built up a multi-million dollar rental portfolio, flipped numerous houses and built and sold (for six figures) a successful real estate management company.

It is now John's passion to pass on his knowledge to new investors so that they can avoid the (many!) mistakes he made and get you to your goal of financial freedom through real estate faster!

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Why is it that only 5% of people who attempt to gain wealth via real estate ever manage to make that "magical first million"?

Would you like to discover how you can join this elite 5% group?

Robert KiyosakiInvestor & Author

95% of the world's wealth is about to be transferred to 5% of its people. I suggest you do whatever it takes to be one of those 5%.

Maybe you're just like me when I got started in the real estate investing game -- totally clueless?

It felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions!​ My head was spinning... You know, I would study one strategy and then another.

But the problem was, I had no direction, I had no plan of action!​

Maybe you feel the same?

What do you study???​

  • Wholesaling?
  • Landlording?
  • Probate investing?
  • Finding private lenders?
  • Negotiating?
  • Loan modifications?
  • Foreclosure investing?
  • Bankruptcy leads?
  • Flipping land?
  • Commercial investing?
  • Marketing?

It seems to never end!

So, there's a list of different topics a mile long... And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that! Real estate is a somewhat complicated business if you're wanting to go BIG (which you should). There's a LOT to it.

But (possibly like you) I was frustrated with the lack of cohesiveness in all the systems and information...

That's why we created the Real Estate Investing Jumpstart training course!

This brand new for 2017 real estate investor training program will take you through some of the most profitable and devastatingly-effective real estate strategies available in the USA right now and allow you to decide which one you will focus on and become an expert in.

​So, click the button below to get started and I'll see you on the other side!

real estate investor training program

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